What’s Unique about Playtech Slots?

As soon as you fancy playing a range of slot games online, you are tasked with having to find a casino site at which to play those slot games at.

You may not be ware that there are both several different slot game designers and several different gaming platforms that you can access online on any type of computer or via a mobile gaming platform compatible will any type of mobile device.

One company that have designed plenty of slot games and the gaming platforms they can be accessed on is Playtech, and this guide is dedicated to letting you know what is unique about each of their online and mobile slot games, like this.

Fully Configurable Slots – You will of course have your own preferred way of playing slots. Some players like slots to play slowly whilst some players like to have the slots playing quickly and with no delays.

Every single Playtech slot has an option setting button attached to it and by clicking on that button you will be able to configure the slot to play in a way you find appealing, there are also lots of screen size and audio settings and even an auto play setting offered on each of their slot games too!

Low and High Stake Options – Every type of player is going to be accommodated for at all casinos using the range of Playtech designed slot games. For you are going to be able to play their range of slots for free whilst you get used to each of their unique features, and when you decide to play them for real money their many different slots can be configured and played for low to high stake levels.

Unique Bonus Games – Whilst you may be looking for slots to play that will offer you free spins, pick and match bonus games or even wheel spinning based bonus rounds, you will also find lots of new and never seen before bonus game features on many of the new slot games from Playtech.

In fact there are now several new slots on which a range of multiple bonus games can and will be awarded to players, and when playing those new slots you could win some mega sized winning payouts when their respective bonus games have been triggered and awarded to you!

High Payouts – You will also find the expected and certified long term payout percentages fully listed on the help file of every single Playtech designed slot game.

So when you are looking through the slot game menu when playing at any casino site utilizing their gaming platforms and range of slot games make sure you look up the RTP information, and opt to play only their higher paying slot game, as that will allow you to have the maximum winning chances!

Mobile and Online Slots – Both online and mobile slot games will be accessible to you if you fancy playing the range of Playtech designed slots. In fact there are several different gaming platforms on offer so finding a way of accessing their range of slots will be easy, no matter what type of device you want to access their games on.

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